I have quite a few promo postcards lying around, and most of them are old and not much use anymore. So I’m giving away three packs of 4 postcards each. The purple ones have a little white doodle in the front (like so), but otherwise, all the postcards are untouched. So you can either keep them to yourself as mini-prints, or actually use them.

All you have to do is reblog this post* and you’ll be included in the random selection! This will be running from now, throughout the weekend, until Monday 29th, morning (GMT). I’ll announce the 3 winners shortly after. I’ll send these anywhere in the world.

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If there’s a lot of interest I might dig into my stuff and add a few more goodies so a few more people will get something.


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Story of my life


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I don’t know how to explain what that means anymore than I know why pretty much everyone knows the feeling.

It isn’t a migraine- but every sound is grating, every touch, everything. For people with PTSD, this feeling often comes right before or after a panic attack. I’ve learned over the years though that it isn’t something only people with mental illness experience.

Things you can do:

        1. Cocoon yourself. They make weighted blankets, and if you experience this often enough(and have the cash to shell out for them)- they’re pretty cool. But if not, get as many blankets as you can and wrap yourself in them. You want a solid, stable sensory experience.  For whatever the reason, the weight helps slow down the racing heart and may even allow you to sleep.

           2, Take a shower in the dark.  Take a night light or something like that in there with you- if you won’t be able to do it in the total dark. Make sure everything is as quiet as possible, and then either take a shower or bath in the dark. I prefer almost too hot water myself. Showers in the dark are great for sensory input, because turning off the lights makes you pay more attention to your other senses, and you get physical, auditory, and smells too.

      3. Going in public? Wear a jacket. If you can avoid over heating in one- that is. Wearing a jacket will help add sensory input- and keep your nerves from picking up every stray accidental touch/whisper of the wind. Also carrying a grounding object in your pocket that you can rub/squeeze can help.

     4. Plank. Or really- any sort of thing that puts strain on a lot of muscles. Personally I like holding push up position, or doing downward dog. You probably don’t want to be doing something that requires you to move/touch too many different things- which is why you want things that put tension, but require you to remain relatively still.

       5. Joint Compressions. Start with your your shoulders- work your way down to your fingers. and then from the hips own the leg to the ankle. They advise doing each joint three times. A lot of children who have nerve issues are advised to get special brushes (they have soft bristles- and lots of them) so that they brush along their arms and legs in order to help calm them down.

       6. Beanie babies or other weighted dolls. Once again, this is something I learned from working with children. I’m not sure why it works, but it has. It’s probably that the weight provides a more solid sensory input- and the fact that it is a doll- it can also be a comfort toy of sorts.

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I bought a 1911!

It’s a Colt 1911 100 year anniversary model (Series 70 trigger), model O1911ANVIII. It’s an all steel, completely blued, classic 1911 exactly like I wanted. I wanted to buy one of these a long time ago but nobody ever has them in stock. I went in to get a 1991 and saw this one and had to have it. I’m so happy I got this instead of a 1991 model, it’s beautiful.

It came in a very nice, classic Colt blue box with some neat extras. There’s an old Army Ordinance manual reproduction in there along with the normal manual. The 1911 itself was wrapped in old wax paper and came with 2 magazines. There was also a lock, disassembly tool, chamber flag, and pamphlet with the history of the 1911. I also bought 600 rounds of .45. Hopefully I’ll have time to take it to the range later today before I see my girl. I’m so psyched to shoot it.

it’s lovely, nice find man.


Now, this is beautiful!



Gunblr I get paid tomorrow. Do I get a blued Govt. sized Colt Series 80 1911 (Model 1991) or a PEQ-15 (ATPIAL-C) for my Mk18?

I have a Glock 26, threaded Glock 19 and an RMR’d, suppressed Glock 17 but I want a steel gun for fun at the range and I’ve always wanted a classic 1911. Not interested in a high end custom but I also don’t want a cheaper RIA or newer design like the Sig offerings. A few local dealers keep the 1991 in stock.

The PEQ-15 is more for looks on my Mk18 than anything. I already have a DBAL-D2 on it and the PEQ-15 won’t ship until December. I’m thinking I want to wait on it.

As far as my Benelli M4 or Block II builds go I’m not starting those until my Surefire suppressors come in and I really save up. I have gear now and plenty of ammo.

Which one should I get?

Get the 1991, hands down.

Get the colt. 80 series. You’ll thank me later.

Why do they say “Never forget” on this day?
Because those of us that weren’t there and didn’t live through this day thirteen years ago have forgotten. We go about our lives not remembering that our world has been changed forever. Everything feels and seems so normal.
We forget the men and women who lost their lives in the towers, the field and the Pentagon. We forget the firefighters that rushed into the inferno and by doing so, saved so many lives. We forget the men and woman of our armed forces who are scattered across the globe; fighting everyday to keep America safe.
Let us not forget what it means to be Americans… Let us not forget the true meaning of freedom. And let us never forget.



Proof of Perfection

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TD… Boom… oooops…

No wonder he has horrible TD. This picture is from the twitter account of Alfredo Guzman who is part of the Mexican Cartel. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Click here

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I really don’t know what to write about… help please? 

What’s it for?

I’m not sure what to write about on tumblr.

"You can’t walk in darkness expecting light without first seeking the light."

Song of the night.

The American Dream. Taken by me.

Remember that storm?


I really don’t know what to write about… help please? 

When life gives you lemons go stand on a stump.

Word to the wise… Don’t EVER go plush shopping when you are sleepy.